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Commercial Divers, Inc. offers local fabrication of beacons and floating aids, as well as distribution of the full line of Aids to Marine Navigation, from Tideland including:

  • LED Products – Marine Lanterns and Flashers
  • Incandescent Products – Marine Lanterns and Lamp Changers & Signal Lamps
  • Rotating Beacons
  • Range Lanterns
  • Unitised Systems
  • Floating Aids
  • Radio Aids
  • Power Sources
  • Monitor & Control
  • AIS/VTS Products
  • Auxiliary Products

aids to marine navigation


Tideland logoTideland Products represent the global choice in today's navigational aids. Their technologies are constantly enhanced, meeting and exceeding clients specifications. With over 55 years of innovation, Tideland continues to stand behind their philosophy of “ Quality First ”.

Commercial Divers Inc. and Tideland, are constantly seeking ways to improve their relationship with their clients and the sea. Tideland Products represent and share the same philosophy of Commercial Divers Inc., bring innovation, quality and service to marine world for future generations.

Tideland Product Brochures

iconTIDELAND Product Brochure in English

TIDELAND Product Brochure in Spanish

For more info, please visit: http://www.tidelandsignal.com/