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Office: Mariel Bayona
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Jose Acevedo
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Juan Laracuente
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Commercial Divers Inc. trained personnel & professional services are available 24/7. Our 24-hour Emergency Response team headed by Antonio Lopez Cardona, Juan Laracuente Seda and Jose Acevedo Soto offer solutions to everyday occurring problems.

Contact us today or when any sort of marina or underwater related incident may surface. Our services include: Marine Construction and Maintenance, Private Aids to Navigation, Welding & Cutting, Vessel Inspection, Vessel Repair and Cleaning, Underwater Inspections, Repairs and Construction, High Risk, Haz-Mat, Contaminated Diving, Dam & waterworks, Pipe Line - Salvage - Recovery, Marine Photography and Ultrasonic Test, Underwater Video, Close Caption Video, Environmental Services. Bellow the work gallery we present the full list of our services.


Marine Construction

  • Marina Construction , Repairs & Installation
  • Buoy & Mooring Maintenance
  • Bridge Repair
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Jetting and Dredging
  • Underwater Welding, Cutting and Blasting
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Epoxy Repair

High Risk, Haz-Mat, Contaminated Diving Services

  • Wastewater Plant Services
  • Barrel Recovery
  • Contaminated Water Diving
  • High Altitude Diving

Dam & Waterworks

  • Dredge of sludge and mud in dams
  • Deepening of channels and dams
  • Removing of underwater obstruction and cutting of underwater framework
  • Repairs and replacement on suction pumps
  • Cleaning of sumps at waterworks
  • Installation of jetties and repairs
  • Installation of mooring facilities and boats
  • Repairs of bridge structures as well as bridge pillars
  • Casting of cement blocks for underwater construction
  • Inspections on bridge supports, reservoirs
  • Internal inspections on pipelines
  • Dredging of silted up-river mouths, harbors and dams

Underwater Inspections, Repairs and Construction

  • Underwater Inspection and Video
  • Underwater Photography
  • Underwater inspection and repairs to circulating water, service water, fire and pump systems
  • Underwater inspection of piping systems
  • Head and sluice gate inspection & maintenance
  • Underwater dredging of fore bays, wet wells, and other underwater locations
  • Stop log and bulkhead projects
  • Internal pipe repairs
  • Concrete construction inspection and repairs
  • Installation, repair, and rehab of float booms
  • Raw Water Intake cleaning, inspection and repair
  • Trash Rack cleaning, inspection, repair
  • Traveling Water Screen cleaning inspection and repair
  • Air Burst and Chemical Systems cleaning inspection and repair
  • Valve and Gate inspection, repair and replacement
  • Engineering support services
  • Plug Installation to allow valve work
  • Pre & Post Dredging Surveying
  • Diver-assisted Dredging
  • Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting
  • Zebra Mussel Removal
  • Bridge inspections
  • Industrial cleaning services
  • Dam maintenance
  • Underwater welding and burning
  • Discharge/effluent cleaning, inspection and repair
  • Tank Inspections

Vessel Repair and Cleaning

  • Barge and Ship Repair
  • Hull Cleaning
  • Propeller Changes
  • Hull Inspection
  • Oversight of Repairs
  • Ship Maintenance and Repair
  • Welding & Burning

Other Services

  • Environmental Remediation
  • Environmental Investigation
  • Water safety for film sets
  • Media Diving and Support Services
  • Evidence Collection
  • Insurance reports
  • Salvage
  • Barge and Ship Repair
  • Search & Recovery
  • Underwater Surveys
  • Submarine Videos and Closed Caption Video
  • Submarine Welding and Cutting
  • Marine Photography and Ultrasonic Test
  • Installation of cathodic protection
  • Potable Water Diving
  • Elevated Water Tank Inspection and Repair
  • Pier & Dock Maintenance
  • Temporary Dock Installation
  • Safety Boats
  • Rigging
  • Cable Installation
  • Evidence Collection
  • Insurance reports
  • Salvage
  • Search & Recovery


Commercial Divers Inc., CONSULTING & ENGINEERING services provides a full range of solutions from Marine Design, Construction, Operation, Installation, Repair, Maintenance and support of all systems and equipment.

Commercial Divers Inc., brings exceptional in-depth knowledge and experience to your project surpassing services set forth in the marine industry. Our CONSULTING & ENGINEERING services related to all areas that propel and control marine life, improve and assure the safety and efficiency of maritime projects.